How to fix common dll runtime errors in video games 2018

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In this article, you will find out solutions on how to fix most common and annoying dll runtime errors in video games. We (Gamers) always come across most annoying dll runtime errors while installing our favorite games on PC. In this tutorial, you will be able to fix all dll runtime errors together without having to install dll files one by one which is the most annoying task for any gamer out there.

How to fix common dll runtime errors in video games 2018

You must be thinking that how to solve these runtime errors without installing a single dll file. Then let me tell you before we solve these dll missing files and why do they occur in the first place. Sometimes you are running an outdated Windows OS’s version or you must have turned off automatic Windows update on your Windows-based PC. When you don’t update your Windows, it begins to collect junk of files by Windows OS and that must be updated. If you don’t update your Windows time to time, you will end up Windows OS corrupted.

Hint: Always update your Windows OS and don’t turn the automatic updates OFF.

To prevent dll runtime errors in video games in 2018, you just have to turn ON your Windows updates and install any latest video game in your PC then these new latest games require latest and updated dll files to run the game.

Why do these DLL errors occur?

  • Most of PC game players don’t bother to buy video games from official gaming sites. Most of the gamers searched online for cracked games on the internet and run cracked games on their PCs. In my point of view, developers should be get paid after they have put hard work to build those games. So, stop this piracy and start making the world a better place by buying games from gamers rather than stealing games from pirated websites. (Let’s make a difference)
  • Most of the time, gamers download cracked game ISO files from pirated sites. That’s why they are getting dll runtime errors along with other problems. Cracked games ISO file always bring a dll missing file error. You have to fix those runtime errors individually in order to play the game.
  • To fix these errors and play the game successfully, you have to install dll files by downloading from the internet and place dll files in System32 directory.
  • First, deactivate Antivirus software from your PC if you have installed any. It is good to disable your Antivirus and install the game. Unfortunately, this method not always works.

In this guide, I am going to help to fix these issues.

Fix most common dll runtime errors

To fix dll missing files error for any video game you should either update .Net Framework or Visual C++ Redist to prevent dll missing errors.

Follow the steps below:

  • If you video crashes on launch, please check your video driver and update it if necessary.
  • Normally, Steam will install the following by default as you launch the game for the first time. If you don’t have these, please find them online at the following locations.
  • Visual C++ Redist 2015 from this link:
  • Download 32-bit version Visual C++ click here
  • Download 64-bit version Visual C++ click here
  • DirectX 11 should be installed properly click here
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Client Profile click here

I hope you will get over with the missing errors once you will have updated programs on your PC. After the fix, you can run the game. If you are still facing any dll missing file error then I have another solution to tackle the problem. Please follow the step-by-step guide below:

Fix dll runtime error manually

Don’t panic about dll errors. Sometimes, It is very tricky to solve dll missing file for any specific game. Once you have downloaded a correct version of dll file from the internet then solving a dll error will become an easy task for anyone. I am pretty sure that once you read this guide, you will be able to solve this issue on your own.  Don’t forget that If anything goes wrong during the process of solving the error or you have the wrong version of the file, you can start over from scratch.

We recommend you to use the DLL-Files Client from It helps you to solve the dll errors that pop up while installing games / apps on your PC. You can download each file one-by-one from screenshot

Dll-Files client tool is specially build to solve dll errors in PC. You can easily search any dll file from search tab and download missing dll file from Let’s say if someone is having msvcr100.dll error while installing a game and in order to fix this error follow the steps to fix dll missing file error manually.

  1. Download .DLL from this link:
  2. Download 32bit or 64bit dll file for specific Windows OS
  3. Extract the zip folder and copy the .dll file
  4. Paste the dll file into C:/Windows/System32 folder on your PC

Thanks for using our guide to solve game errors and reach our others articles to fix any other errors that you have encountered.

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