How to fix Hitman Absolution FAILED TO INITIALIZE DirectX11

In this guide, we solve an error of Hitman Absolution FAILED TO INITIALIZE DirectX11. Anyway, Hitman Absolution is one of the most played games of 2012. Hitman Absolution video game developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix. In this video game player sneak out without making any noise and move toward the target. You have to be very careful when you play Hitman. In this article, I am going to show you how to run this video game without having any error. Most PC users are having a problem after the installation. Most users are complaining about an error when they start Hitman Absolution. Use this guide to solve “FAILED TO INITIALIZE DirectX11”. You just need to complete the following steps to play error free Hitman Absolution.

How to fix Hitman Absolution FAILED TO INITIALIZE DirectX11

To solve FAILED TO INITIALIZE DirectX11 error, don’t trust on others guides and videos in which they are trying to update your WINDOWS 7 Service Pack. Do not forget that updating a Windows is not a proper solution. FAILED TO INITIALIZE DirectX11 is the common issue in Hitman Absolution. Before fixing this video game problem, you need to take a full control on your PC. In upcoming following steps, I gonna need you to paste a dll file into System32 folder in the C:/ drive of your PC. How to Take Ownership of a file or folder in Windows-based operating system!!..

FAILED TO INITIALIZE DirectX11 Fixed and Working 100%

  1. Click here to Download D3D11.DLL file to your PC
  2. Extract a dll from D3D11 zip folder
  3. Paste a dll file into C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 folder
  4. You also need paste the same dll file into your game directory ( Where Hitman Absolution video game had been installed.

You have completed 85% to fix FAILED TO INITIALIZE DirectX11 error. Now you have to complete the following few steps to solve this error thoroughly. 


  1. Right Click on My Computer to open Properties
  2. Click on Advanced System Settings
  3. Click the button of Environment Variables
  4. From the next tab select the path and click the Edit button
  5. Now click the Edit button and you need to add “;C:\Windows\SysWOW64”
  6. Click OK then OK and Apply the settings

If you have any problem to fix this FAILED TO INITIALIZE DirectX11 in Hitman Absolution. Feel free to watch the following video to fix it.

Thanks for reading and watching How to Fix Hitman Absolution FAILED TO INITIALIZE DirectX11. If you have any question regarding the errors, you can contact us and we happy to help you.

Owais Arain