CE-34788-0 error

How to solve CE-34788-0 error in PlayStation 4

Today, I have a good news for users of PlayStation 4. Get latest features with system Software Update 5.05 in PlayStation 4. In this article, we are going to teach you how to install latest software update 5.05 in PS4 as well as help you to fix CE-34788-0 error in PS4. CE-34788-0 error is quite a problem for owners of PS4 console from Sony. Once you follow our guide step-by-step, then you won’t face this CE-34788-0 error while updating system software in PlayStation 4.

First of all, let me tell you that the problem itself is extremely insignificant and It can be solved with few simple steps. Our error fixing guide won’t spend huge amount of time to solve CE-34788-0 error in PS4. Let’s discuss that why CE-34788-0 error occurs at the first place? I think, you see blue screen CE-34788-0 error page when you PlayStation 4 user tries to update the firmware version with wrongly downloaded firmware version file. We highly recommend you to download software updates from PlayStation’s official website to prevent from these unwanted errors. In this case of error, you have downloaded a wrong firmware version that you are trying to use to update your PS4.

Solve CE-34788-0 error in PlayStation 4

Whenever you try to fix any error in PS4, you should check that why it is happening at the first place. As I told you that the basic problem is that you have downloaded a wrong firmware version file to update your PlayStation 4. Are you shocked that you have done a mistake. Well, don’t worry about this CE-34788-0 error and just follow this guide to fix it.

Note: Always download firmware update from official Sony site or PlayStation’s website.

I think, there is a reason behind that you have downloaded a wrong firmware version to update PS4. Basically PlayStation provides two different type of firmware version files for users. What is the difference between files. One version is used to update the PS4 with the old firmware version installed on it. The second version is used by those users who installed a new hard disk in PS4 and they need a complete installation of the PS4 system software.

CE-34788-0 error on PS4 could appear in case you downloaded the wrong firmware version for yourself. Don’t be confused with these two different version of files. Use the first version of file when you are a user who wants to update PS4 console on the original HDD. You need to use second version of firmware version on the PS4 console with a replaced hard drive to install PlayStation software. Once you do everything correctly, the CE-34788-0 error on the PS4 will not disturb you anymore. Watch the following video:

I hope, this guide helped to fix this error in PS4. If you need help then please comment below.

Owais Arain