F1 2017 errors, crashes, 0cx0000142

How to solve F1 2017 errors, crashes, 0cx0000142 and black screen error

F1 2017 is one of the best car racing video game for users who love the racing genre. F1 2017 provides high graphics and a real experience to the players. You won’t feel that you are playing a game. F1 2017 make you feel that you are in real-life mode. F1 2017 is released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows on 25 August 2017. You can buy an original game pack from Steam for Windows OS. We highly recommend you to purchase video game from their official websites. Do not use the pirated website to download F1 2017 for PC. Games from pirated websites come with flaws and unknown errors that are very difficult to solve. With a cracked video game you always need tutorials to fix game errors.

In this article, we are going to cover errors, crashes, 0cx0000142 and black screen errors in F1 2017. We have been contacted by users that F1 2017 has many errors, crashes, and other issues. We have decided to put together a complete fixing guide to solve each error and problem one-by-one for F1 2017.

How to solve F1 2017 errors, crashes, 0cx0000142 and black screen error

In this guide, we provide you a method to solve each problem separately. Every issue and problem is unique and you need a 100% working solution to fix errors. F1 2017 comes with many errors for PC users such as crashes, 0cx0000142, and black screen error. Before we fix the errors, check out the game’s system requirement below:

F1 2017 System Requirements

Recommended Requirements:

  • Processor (Intel CPU): Intel Core i3 530
  • Processor (AMD CPU): AMD FX 4100
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Graphic Card Requirement NVIDIA: TBC NVIDIA GTX 460
  • Graphic Card Requirement AMD: AMD HD 5870
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible using the latest drivers
  • Operating System (OS): Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit only)
  • Minimum Disk Space: 30 GB

Please be advised that the following methods are to be used at the sole discretion of the system owner. SecondGeek takes no responsibility for problems that may arise or issues that may occur from trying the below. Always remember that official support is always the best support.

F1 2017 Black Screen error fix

If you are facing black screen error then sometimes most of the errors can be prevented by basic troubleshooting. Make sure the drivers on your PC are updated. If you have two GPUs, make sure you are using the discrete GPU instead of the integrated one. Install latest .NET framework or Visual C++ Redist 2015 from the link below for 64bit. These simple steps can solve the black screen error in F1 2017.

  1. Visual C++ Redistributable Packages
  2. Download DriverScanner to update all PC drivers to avoid errors click here
  3. DirectX 11 should be installed properly click here
  4. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Client Profile click here

NOTE: Many NVIDIA graphics card owners are complaining black screen error in F1 2017. The black screen error appears when a user tries to launch F1 2017 in PC. We advise you to download latest NVIDIA drivers to prevent black screen error.

0cx0000142 error fix

Let’s fix 0cx0000142 error in F1 2017. Let me tell you that why this 0cx0000142 error happens in the first place. When you have stopped upgrading your Window OS then your PC doesn’t have latest libraries to run F1 2017. To fix the 0cx0000142 error, you need to install Visual C++ Redist 2015 from this link: click here Choose 64bit.

F1 2017 crashes and errors

When F1 2017 crashes during the game. It is a very serious problem for you. Because you can only solve this error by reinstalling the F1 2017. You have to uninstall F1 2017 and reinstall it again. To avoid crashes, complete following steps:

  • Completely remove F1 2017 from your PC and re-install it, but only in the Steamapps folder, which is the directory to install Steam by default
  • Try to delete the folder F1 2017 from the directory \Documents\My Games
  • Make sure your video card drivers updated to the latest version

I hope this article helped to solve F1 2017 errors, crashes, 0cx0000142 and black screen error. Comment below to get help.

Owais Arain