How to update PC graphics and sound card drivers for video games

Hey gamers, I hope our guides really help you to fix issues and errors that you face on daily basis. We provide games system requirements and how-to guides to solve specific errors in video games. In this article, we are going to teach you how to update PC drivers to play games without any error. Basically, a driver helps your PC to run a specific hardware smoothly on your computer. It is very important to have updated drivers for graphics card and sound card. Most of upcoming 2018 games require latest updated drivers to run a video games otherwise you will end up with an error. Video graphics card won’t work properly unless your computer have installed graphics card driver.

However, once you update or install latest drivers for video card, then high-definition video games won’t crash or freeze. You can play HD games without stopping. You might be thinking about how to update video card driver.? Well! do not panic, it is really easy and simple. I will provide instructions step-by-step and anybody can update drivers by having basic computer knowledge. I have discussed briefly updating your graphics card and sound card drivers below.

Let’s update PC graphics and sound card drivers for video games

DriverScanner is one of the best utility which is specially designed to update PC drivers. With the help of DriverScanner, you won’t need an expert to guide you through the process to update drivers on your PC. When you are running PC with old drivers then you might get errors when it comes to playing latest 2018 games. We highly recommend you to download DriverScanner. It will search for all drivers that need to be updated including video card drivers and sound card drivers. DriverScanner starts to update drivers with one click. DriverScanner will install all necessary drivers. No need of following the entire manual procedure which is a bit tricky sometimes.

Why do you need to update PC drivers?

Like any other software, hardware manufacturers provide latest drivers with bug fixed. Upgraded drivers add extra functionality to the hardware. It improve the performance of the device. You should update drivers on weekly or monthly basis to avoid critical security issues. Without updated drivers you might face errors and issues such as poor system performance, hardware failures, conflicts and complete system crashes.

Why you should use DriverScanner?

DriverScanner is the best program to update drivers on PC. Our team highly recommend you to use DriverScanner to help yourself to avoid errors. DriverScanner is a really easy-to-use program to fix driver issues for any Windows-based operating system. You can run DriverScanner on Windows 8 and Windows 1o. By using this program you will fix several errors while installing games. Once you have successfully run DriverScanner program on your PC, then you can play any HD video game without any error. DriverScanner will automatically solve crashes, blank screen errors, missing DLL file errors and other miscellaneous issues that will be disappeared from your PC. Good News for gamers! Uniblue also provide a free trial, you can have it for free.

More detail about DriverScanner

Uniblue experts have tested DriverScanner for PC drivers. According to reports, It is very awesome program when it comes to PC’s drivers’ upgrading. It updates and installs latest NVIDIA and AMD drivers. Once the scan is completed, it shows the list of other drivers such as a controller, outdated display, audio, and Ethernet drivers. By default, your PC doesn’t have necessary drivers when you install new Windows on your PC. This tool will scan every latest Microsoft driver and can show in its results. You will click install button to install all those drivers. With DriverScanner program, you can download all the required drivers with one click launcher and install them. For more information about the use, have a look at the following image below.


Go to Uniblue DriverScanner to download this utility and run on your PC to fix driver’s errors and issues. Download a free trial version to give it a try. Well! If you want to know more details about the DriverScanner 2018, please visit Uniblue webpage here. DriverScanner is developed by Uniblue, one of the most famous software developers in the world. With Uniblue software, you don’t need to worry about system security. Moreover, Uniblue’s developers have already explained that DriverScanner will use Symantec Endpoint Protection when you download and install the drivers. Uniblue is 100% verified company by Microsoft. You don’t have to worry about any scam or something. Uniblue promises its users that they will do everything to protect their users’ data and PC security. Uniblue has many kinds of utilities to secure PC. I hope I will write more guides about Uniblue’s programs.


Thanks for reading this guide about DriverScanner. I found this tool to update my drivers in the best way. We recommend you to download DriverScanner utility to update all drivers on your PC. Share this article with your friends. If you like DriverScanner then you must try premium version of DriverScanner tool.

Owais Arain