How to solve NVIDIA Installer Failed Error in Windows

How to solve NVIDIA Installer Failed Error in Windows

Most of video game players are reporting NVIDIA Installer failed error while they are trying to install NVIDIA drivers on their Windows-based PC. In this article, we are going to help you to solve this error problem and teach you a way to install NVIDIA drivers properly on your PC. NVIDIA Installer Failed error becomes a very common error message which may happen during NVIDIA Graphic Driver installation process. If you are facing this error then you are at the right place. On this page, we have a solution for you to fix the issue and install NVIDIA drivers successfully.

For your kind information that most of the errors occur because PC gamers are running outdated DirectX or .NET Framework libraries which is not recommended. First of all, you always update your Windows with latest libraries. Secondly, you also should update graphics card drivers. If you are new in gaming then you should uninstall previous NVIDIA drivers and try to install the new version of the NVIDIA graphics driver.

How to solve NVIDIA Installer Failed Error in Windows

In this tutorial, we are giving you some possible ways to fight with this error. We have tried our methods and got good results on solving NVIDIA Installer Failed Error in Windows. Follow this guide and try our methods to solve your problem.

1# Install the latest Windows updates and .Net Framework libraries

When you install latest Windows updates along with current Runtimes for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It will fix NVIDIA Installer Failed Error in Windows. Video games, illustration software, Photoshop and other graphics software who uses GPU functionality, usually utilize the latest Microsoft programs and libraries. You have to make sure that you are running updated Windows OS to avoid NVIDIA failed error in Windows. Download All in One Runtimes for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It includes following:

Download All in one Runtimes click here

  • Java SE addon
  • Adobe Flash Player (IE plugin)
  • Adobe Shockwave Player (IE Plugin)
  • Silverlight and
  • Visual C ++ Runtimes 2005, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017
  • Microsoft Visual J-Sharp
  • more general runtime files

2# Disable antivirus and real-time protection in Windows 10

Sometimes the error might be caused by firewall or antivirus software such as Avast, Nod23, Norton, or Comodo Internet Security. It happens because the antivirus software may treat NVIDIA driver installer as malware. That’s why antivirus software doesn’t let you install NVIDIA drivers on your gaming PC. We highly advise you to disable or uninstall antivirus for a while. Make sure that all antivirus/firewall services have been disabled and then try running Nvidia Installer again.

3# Download DDU – Display Driver Uninstaller

If you are still facing the error and above methods did not work for you. Then the only method is left to try is to completely uninstall the previous driver via DDU – Display Driver Uninstaller. DDU is the coolest utility which can be very handy in situations when currently installed display drivers are not functioning properly and they need to be completely removed from OS like they were never installed before. DDU will remove the drivers from your PC then you can install NVIDIA drivers via NVIDIA driver installer. DDU can be used to remove AMD Radeon, NVIDIA and Intel graphics drivers. You have to complete the following steps:

Download DDU – Display Driver Uninstaller click here

  1. Extract files using WinRar or any other software
  2. Go to extracted folder and run Display Driver Uninstaller.exe
  3. Select “Safe Mode” under “Launch option” drop-down menu
  4. Click “Reboot to Safe Mode” button
  5. After the restart process, your PC will enter Safe Mode and Display Driver Uninstaller will start automatically
  6. You can see the “Select Graphic Driver” on the right side and you can select the graphics card manufacturers like NVIDIA, AMD, and INTEL.
  7. Select the manufacturer from the left side where DDU detected drivers
  8. To remove detected driver click on Clean and restart button.
  9. We highly recommend you to remove all drivers detected by DDU, so multiple restarts and Safe Mode entering may be required
  10. Once you DDU have done removing all detected drivers from your PC. You have to reboot PC to the normal mode
  11. Previous graphics card drivers have been removed completely and try installing your NVIDIA drivers again

I hope, this article helped you to solve NVIDIA Installer Failed Error in Windows. If you need more help, you can comment below.

Owais Arain